Friday, 16 July, 2021

Ahead of the changes to Covid-19 guidance from Monday 19th July, we wanted to provide an update on our working practices.

We will continue to operate a restricted level of admission to the waiting room and require all clients entering the building to wear a mask at all times. Thanks to the hard work, commitment, adaptability and support of the entire practice we have a robust set of Covid precautions in place to protect you and our team, that have kept us fully functional throughout a very challenging last 18 months.

Not all our staff have had the opportunity to complete their vaccinations at this time and due to the increasing numbers of cases in this area, we are not yet at a stage to safely change protocols without risking client and staff health and the operational capabilities of the practice as a whole.

As a reminder, please:

• Telephone us before attending at the practice so we can best assist you

• Keep a 2-metre distance from other customers and our team members at all times

• Always wear a face-covering inside the building (if you have concerns about this please tell our team on the phone and they will discuss options with you)

• Only attend the practice with one person to one pet

Thank you for your ongoing support and kind words, they really do mean a lot.