Dental Disease

Thursday, 26 May, 2016

Does your cat have dog breath? Does she rub her mouth a lot, or shy away from food. If any or all of these are happening then your cat could have dental disease. Studies have shown that 85% of cats over the age fo 3 years are affected with dental disease - from gingivitis to tooth abcesses and broken teeth.

Not only can this be painful for the cat - it has been shown that bacteria can spread from the mouth, to other parts of the body potentially leading to infections elsewhere.

In order to combat this we have launched a special dental offer for cats.

Included in the offer is a full general anaesthetic, a complete examination of the teeth while asleep, a scale and polish of the teeth, any extractions, an injection of antibiotics, a pain relieving injection, also included is a post dental check up a few days later.

All this for £99.95 - regardless of how long it takes to do any extractions required.

So if this sounds like something your cat needs, please call and book an appointment for a check up.