News and events

With the hotter weather, can we please remind everyone not to keep their pets in the car - it can turn onto an oven very quickly - even if left in the shade with the windows down. We want everyone to enjoy the better weather, including our furry friends.laugh If leaving pets out in the garden - make sure they have areas of shade and free access to water too.

It is important that your pets have regular health checks and booster vaccinations to keep them fit and well. Dogs need yearly boosters to protect them against Leptospirosis. Cats need yearly cat ‘flu vaccinations. If your pet‘s vaccines have lapsed now is a great time to get them protected. We are running a vaccine amnesty at the moment. Your pet’s vaccines can be re-started for the price of a yearly booster. Contact us to make an appointment

It is with pleasure we announce that Dan Lewis has been incorporated as a Director at Capontree Ltd from 1st April 2016.

This is a very positive step for Dan and the practice, giving ongoing stability for the future. 

With Dan's Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice (Small Animal) and general expertise we look forward to the practice's ongoing progression and development.

Do you have a “photogenic pooch” or a “made for the camera” cat? We are looking for more of our client’s pets to be the face on our vaccine reminders. If you have taken some great pictures of them and are happy for them to be used on our vaccine reminders please send them in to us at or – can they please be in high resolution. We can’t promise to use every picture but would love to see them. We are also always on the look-out for pictures to use on our in-house TV's!

From 6th of April 2016 it will be law for every dog over 8weeks to be microchipped and have a collar and tag on. Don’t risk a £500 fine, if your dog is not ID chipped – please contact us and we can get him done. It is only £12 and this includes both the chip and registration.  While it doesn’t track every move your dog makes – it does carry a unique number, which if he is found can help trace him back to yourself.

Now is also a good time to make sure that all your details are correct on the database! There may be a small fee in order to update them – but this can help in getting your beloved pet back to you. Ring 016977 2318 (Brampton) 01228 791245(Longtown) or 01434 320705 (Haltwhistle) to book.