Herd Health Planning

To maximise the production from our farms, herd health planning is becoming ever more important.

This involves developing  close working relationship between the producer and us as your vet. This working relationship allows us to understand the needs and aims of our clients, ensuring we are focused on your needs. We aim to undertake a formal review of health plans and production data, at least annually, and more often if required .This often leads to a review of treatment protocols, vaccination plans and worming strategies .More often than not, savings can be identified. A review of production data – allows us to identify where disease issues are arising. More often than not the implementation of simple management changes or vaccination plans can resolve these issues.

To achieve the best results for our clients we use a variety of health planning services, from our own system developed at Capontree Vets to, SAC health planning systemsMy Healthy Herd and FABL.  We can tailor make any plan to suit the farms requirements, but also make it Industry compliant.

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