Longtown Wards

It is important our patients have a warm, quiet, relaxing area to rest and recover. At Longtown we have separate wards for dogs, cats and other quiet pets and an isolation area.

We have stainless steel kennels that are easy to keep hygienically clean in a variety of sizes including a large "Walk-in" kennel for giant dogs. We have a dog run joining the ward where we can take dogs to stretch their legs.

Our cat ward is a quieter area so that the cats and other small pets hospitalised are able to feel less stressed. We have available infusion pumps which are electronic pumps to administer intravenous fluids to animals at our Hospital that means accurate quantities and rates of administration can be achieved.

Our wards have pheromone plug-in diffusers constantly on as another step to minimising the stress for your pet

We also have isolation wards at Brampton and Longtown surgeries. These are very important, as they allow us to isolate or quarantine any animals which may have an infectious disease. As part of this process we have strict "Barrier Nursing" systems to ensure no spread takes place.