Surgical Procedures

At Capontree we perform a large number of routine and advanced surgical procedures. From routine castrations and spays , through to complex soft tissue procedures and orthopaedics.

Surgery can be divided into two main areas - orthopaedic work (bones and joints) and soft tissue work (that includes surgery such as neutering, intestinal, chest and ear, nose and throat surgery). At Capontree we have vets with additional training and equipped with a wide selection of instruments and implants that allow us to operate on most of the orthopaedic surgery cases we see without the need to refer to specialist centres. 

Of particular interest to Capontreee Vets are the surgical treatment options for cruciate disease in the dog.  We offer two main treatment options for cruciate injuries.  These are a lateral suture placement to stabilise the joint or the MMP (Modified Maquet Procedure) to change the stifle dynamics. This is a recent addition in the last year and has all but replaced the TTO (Triple Tibial Osteotomy) that we were previously performing. Further information on this technique is available here:-

We perform many soft tissue procedures ranging from neutering and removal of small lumps through to major internal surgical procedures. Cases we’ve dealt with here include liver biopsies, splenic removals, thyroidectomies in geriatric hyperthyroid cats, perineal hernias and intestinal surgery to remove foreign bodies (e.g. socks and corn on the cob) that have become stuck once eaten.