Dental Programs

We see much more dental disease in the horse these days. This may be the result, in part, of the modern diets that horses are fed but there is also a contribution from the fact that more people are looking in horses’ mouths and finding disease that may not have been noticed before

Most horses just require the sharp enamel points rasping on the outside edge of the upper cheek teeth and inside edge of the lower cheek teeth.

At Capontree we can perform basic dental care and are happy to work with fully certified Equine dentists for more advanced dental care issues.

After the dental treatment has been performed we will leave you with a copy of your horses dental record sheet

Techniques and equipment are evolving all the time, however don’t forget prevention is better than cure we would recommend you inspect your horse’s mouth annually. Only horses with the more severe problems require attention more frequently than annually.

If you are recommended to have 6 monthly rasping but your horse has a normal mouth you should question why this is necessary.