It is now a legal requirement for your horse, pony, donkey and zebra to have a passport.

As of 2008, it is now mandatory when applying for a passport for the animals to be identichipped as well.  Click here for more details.

At Capontree we can assist you in your application for a passport .The two main organisation we work with are Wetherbys and the British Horse Society, although we are happy to liaise with any of the breed societies.

When completing a passport it is essential that the sketch and descriptions are complete, accurate and filled in a prescribed manner following the guide lines. This is best done by one of our veterinary surgeons.


Please remember to Complete Part II of section IX of the passport .This section must be signed by the owner if substances not permitted for human consumption such as phenylbutazone (bute) can be administered, supplied or prescribed.

It makes our lives as vets a lot easier if this is the case - it allows us to use a broader spectrum of drugs which we might not be able to use otherwise