It is important to keep your horse, pony or donkey fully vaccinated at all times.

The two most common conditions we vaccinate against are Tetanus and Influenza.


Horses, Donkeys and ponies are 10 x more susceptible to tetanus that Humans. Consequently it is vital we keep our companions fully covered at all times.This usually involves a two injection primary course, a first annual booster then a booster every two years.  If you see any cuts and are in doubt an antiserum can be administered which gives immediate protection.

Equine Influenza

Equine Influenza is a serious viral infection affecting the upper and lower respiratory tract. It is extremely contagious and has devastating effects on a horse's performance. After contracting the virus, your horse will start to show symptoms of equine influenza within a couple of days and will be contagious for a further five – seven days.

Equine influenza has an almost 100% cross-infection rate in a group of unvaccinated horses which have not been previously exposed to the equine influenza virus. The incubation period of the virus is between one to five days.

Horses usually fully recover from equine influenza quickly (two to three weeks) but if the attack is more complicated it could lead to permanent lung damage.  Equine influenza is extremely debilitating to your horse, leaving it susceptible to secondary infections such as bronchitis or bacterial pneumonia.

It is imperative therefore that you get your horse vaccinated against equine influenza regularly. The equine influenza vaccine is available combined with the tetanus vaccine giving your hose protection against the two diseases at the same time. Pregnant mares can be vaccinated and it is usually recommended that they be vaccinated 4-8 weeks before the foal is due to be born.

The vaccination program consists of a series of three injections and then annual boosters.

To Comply with Jockey Club rules all horses must be vaccinated and boosted within the calendar year

Failure to do so results in the vaccination program being started from scratch again!!